I appreciate your principles and how you have conducted yourself.

Forward Progress Staffing has truly done an outstanding job matching up my talents and skill set with the right job. I have been contracting for over 7 years and have had worked with dozens of Headhunters, IT Talent Recruiters, Contracting Agencies etc. Forward Progress’ services found me a permanent job which pays as much as my previous contract, which normally I would lose income by moving to a permanent position. He has analyzed my skill set and matched me up precisely with the job requiring my skill. This is rare since most other talent requisition representatives just do a keyword search online and just throw out offers for jobs that are not in the realm of what I do. This makes the Forward Progress Staffing services a cut above the rest. They know the IT environment and they work hard to bridge communications between a job seeker and an employer. Outstanding job Eric, my hat’s off to you. Thanks!

To be honest, I wasn’t going leave my previous career path, until I met Forward Progress Staffing. This has had to have been one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had at any Staffing Agency. In past situations, I was always treated like a dollar amount and not like a human being. However, when I was contacted by Michelle, she gave me the confidence that she saw the greatness in my resume and me as a person. Michelle was very personable and very welcoming; Michelle didn’t rush the conversation, but made it very smooth interview process and gave me the confidence that this was a team front and not just another interview. She provided me wisdom and try to bring me up to speed immediately.

Eric was as kind and just as informative as he was engaging. A lot of times a person go through most staffing agencies, they can be hit with a surprise question or come to find out there was more to the role than discussed, but not with Eric. He was very transparent and coached me to through the interview process. He also got to know me the person to make sure I was a fit for this role. I am glad to have gone through this process and glad to be apart of the Forward Progress Team.

I never expected the high level of service that he has offered.  When working with recruiters and staffing agencies in the past, on both sides of the table, the expectations have been very low.  Forward Progress and Eric offer high quality candidates but also ensure the candidate is a great fit for the organization.  Understanding the needs of the open position as well as understanding the best qualities of their candidates, creates the highest probability of a mutually success employer/employee relationship.  Eric has worked diligently to ensure that my employment needs are met with the utmost expediency and care.

I was contacted by Forward Progress for an EDI Analyst position a couple of months ago.  I was very impressed with their service.  They guided me every step of the way, and even after landing the job!  Forward Progress is by far the best recruiting service I have used.  I highly recommend it.